Zack Sabre Jr. ends Thatchers 596 day EVOLVE Title reign



This Past Saturday night (February 25th) in Queens, New York, SPLX athlete Zack Sabre Jr. became the 5th EVOLVE Wrestling Champion after defeating Timothy Thatcher.

Thatcher had been EVOLVE Champion since July 10th 2015 with his reign as champion lasting 596 days, which he is the longest champion in the companies history. Zack defeated Thatcher via his aptly named ‘Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than The Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness’ submission (Octopus hold) at the 19 minute and 12 second mark. As soon as Timothy submitted, Zack ran into the crowd where they sang his name in unison.

Post match, Sabre Jr kept his victory speech short and sweet after thanking New York, he went on to say “I left my dream job in Japan over a year ago, and winning this genuinely means the world to me”… “Pro-Wrestling is for everyone. We welcome everyone. We do not discriminate. This Earth is for everyone. And Professional Wrestling is for everyone.”

His first title defense has been set. He will defend his newly won EVOLVE Championship against ACH on March 30th in Orlando, Florida at EVOLE 80.

Congratulations to Zack from all at Team SPLX.