Zack Sabre Jr. Injury Update



SPLX athlete Zack Sabre Jr sustained a significant lesion to his right forearm during a match in
Magdeburg, Germany last Friday 13th May. The match consequently was terminated midway and
was taken to a nearby hospital via ambulance for medical attention. The rupture, caused by
a collision 
with the ring post, measuring 4cm required 5 stitches and fortunately missed all
arteries. Zack was 
subsequently flown the following day to the UK. The wound is healing very
well and he will be back in 
action against Kurt Angle for Revolution Pro on Sunday 12th June in
York Hall.

“I’d first of all like to thank all of the wXw team for their care and concern after the accident.
Walter is both one of my toughest and favourite opponents to wrestle and so I was duly disappointed
that our bout had to be stopped short.

I want to sincerely apologise to everyone for having had to cancel my upcoming dates for the next 3
weeks; to miss my first PWG title defence, debuting in North Carolina for PWX, returning to
CHIKARA as part of their UK tour, debuting for OTT in Dublin, attempting to add the PROGRESS
SSS16 to my tournament accolades, competing in Wales for the first time in years for my good
friends ATTACK, aiming to finally win back the wXw World title and my first singles bout against
Mike Bailey at the wonderfully intimate Cockpit Theatre in London for Rev Pro.

This is the first injury in my 12-year career that has deemed it necessary to cancel dates, and whilst I
have absolutely no desire to miss any in-ring time I’m remaining positive that the injury wasn’t more
serious. I’m going to make the most of some rare downtime with my family, a chance to rest and
refresh my body, start home-brewing my own kombucha, alphabetise my record collection and
prepare myself mentally and physically for the biggest summer of my career.

Sincere gratitude to everyone within the wrestling community for all of the well wishes and kind
thoughts. I’ll be seeing you all soon.”

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