O’Reilly Training Camp Workout

Warm up:

5 strait minutes of jump rope at a moderate pace.

– An aerobics room with set up agility stations would help at this point but I’ll try to explain and visualize until I can post pictures up.

– 3 hurdles at 4.5’ lined in a row. (The base of grounded punching bags with jump rope tied across)

– An agility ladder.

– Swiss ball

In a continuous circle complete a high jump over each hurdle, have a training partner hold the swiss ball and resist as you drive into the ball to the end of the gym and back. Complete 4 rotations of agilities on the ladder eg. High knees, butt kicks, lateral quickstep, single foot jumps, etc.

Complete this rotation 4 times through and then take a couple sets of just jumping the hurdles, bear crawling through, then jumping through and sprawling.

You have successfully warmed up.

The weighted portion of this workout 2 major explosive exercises and 1 strength exercise super-setted with 3 other exercises.

1. Drop-down rows. 225lb barbell on ground with an overhand grip, sprawl out and then back to your feet completing a bent over barbell row. 6 reps of maximum explosion.

Super set 1. Bicep hammer curls. 20 reps each arm total at about 25-30 lbs.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

2. Sumo high-pulls. 135lb barbell on ground with overhand grip and in a sumo-squat stance. Explode up from the squat into a standing upright row as high as you can thrusting your hips forward and onto your toes. 6 reps.

Super set 2. Shoulder shrugs dumbbell or machine, max weight you can handle for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before next exercise.

3. Romanian dead lift. Standing on a support box holding a 155 lb barbell, bending over flexing your hamstrings with 12 slow contracting reps.

Super set 3. Ab roller, or a swiss ball ab exercise for 25 reps.

Complete 4 super sets before wrapping up with 30 minutes of stair-master steady state cardio.

My hamstrings are fried for about 2-3 days after this so make sure you stretch your legs and back out really well after this workout.