Angélico Injury Update 17/06/16


  Angelico has been making great progress with the rehabilitation of his Elbow Dislocation, his rehab has focused initially on regaining his full range of movement. On testing late last week Angelico had regained full flexion (the bend of his Elbow) and near full extension (straightening his Elbow). Once this is achieved which we hope […].... Read More

SPLX News Update 13/6/16; ZSJ/Angle, Adam Cole Hospitalised and more


  –  Zack Sabre Jr. returned from injury to face Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle at Rev Pro, in London. Zack lost via Ankle Lock in a sold out York Hall. Kurt had this to say about Sabre Jr “Is Zack Sabre that good? Yes he is! I just had a match with him and he exceeded […].... Read More

SPLX Physio Report 31/05/16


  So here is my first blog as the Team Suplex Physio, I felt it would be good to introduce myself properly as most of you reading this may know a little bit about me from a wrestling point of view but probably not at all of a physiotherapy perspective. I’m Iestyn Rees a Senior […].... Read More